Lisa Davis Massage Therapy in Thousand Oaks, CA - waterfallTrust, genuine care and patience are essential in each session. From the moment you walk in, we will be focusing on your relaxation and comfort. While I am trained in a number of disciplines, each individual has unique needs and it is by listening to you, and learning from you, that I can best apply the right technique for you. As such, the techniques and approaches will be as different as the individuals themselves, because no two persons have the exact same needs. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy, as I combine massage modalities and design the massage that is conducive to your specific needs.

My goal is to help my clients rediscover what it means for them to be present and connect with mind, body and spirit.

My experience provides the adaptability to accommodate a variety of emotional and physical needs and circumstances. Massage therapy is a proven and viable support and relaxation tool in various mental and physical discomforts, and I would love to work with you to help you increase your physical and emotional serenity in a caring, supportive environment.