“I would recommend Lisa to anyone seeking massage therapy services without hesitation.”

I am writing to let you know about someone special, someone exceptional, someone passionate about her profession. Her name is Lisa Davis, HP, CMT.

I met Lisa Davis when she was just starting out in massage therapy way back when, in 2002. Today, Lisa is as much apart of my life as she was back then. Lisa, though petite in size, is very strong. She never seems to lose her ability no matter how many people she heals in a day. I have seen her at various times throughout the day for 2 hour sessions and it is always as if she just started. I have had sessions with Lisa in Swedish style and hot stone therapy.

Lisa always asks me about my body, if anything is going on or needs addressing. She checks with me throughout the session to make sure the pressure is correct. Lisa always asks about the room and table temperature. She knows when I want to be chatty, or when I want to fade into silence. At the end of every session she checks for feedback; not something all therapists inquire.

I appreciate everything Lisa Davis does for my body, mind, and soul with every session. She makes my life that much easier. I would recommend Lisa to anyone seeking massage therapy services without hesitation. And I have. The clients I sent her have all raved about her services. Lisa not only has a lifelong client, she has a friend.

Terry N



“She has been like an angel in my life.”

Lisa is the most compassionate, healing, and caring person I know. When I first met her, I was so broken, terrified, and alone. Her warmth and kindness completely calmed me. Her tenderness has helped me to take care of myself, slow down, and listen to my body. Our time together is one of the few times when I’m able to just be in the moment and accept her care. All fears of judgment and discomfort immediately disappeared in her presence. She has been like an angel in my life. She has a gift like nobody else I know.

– Kayla



“Her “bedside” manner is incredibly professional”

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa, or rather having her work on me for over 12 years. Her breadth and depth of knowledge, combined with her hand skills are without peer. Finally, her “bedside” manner is incredibly professional and her adaptation to whatever issue that’s come up whether it’s a cramped muscle or spasm or just my need to relax and unwind Is quite simply amazing.

I would not hesitate to recommend her and any facility that is privileged to gain her as an associate, sub-contractor, employee or consultant truly has a gem on their hands and will be the better for it.

Randall Alley



“She has been nothing less than a miracle. “

Lisa is quite simply one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. From the moment I first met Lisa, through my first visit and in all since, she has been nothing less than a miracle. Lisa has the rarest of gifts, combining exceptional physical healing skills with the equally important ability to nurture the soul through her incredibly intuitive, caring nature. For anyone who may feel that compassionate and professional care is a lost art form in this day and age, I would heartily recommend that you provide yourself with the extraordinary opportunity to benefit, as I have, from Lisa’s inestimable abilities. Your body and mind will be transformed!

– RC