Lisa Davis Massage in Westlake Village - balancing stonesWhile some may embrace and look forward to their first massage visit, others may feel somewhat intimidated initially. This is natural, but even if you have some initial hesitation, you will find that within minutes we will begin working towards a very comfortable and supportive visit.

Upon arriving, you will fill out an intake form. If you are under 18, I will need a consent form signed by their parent(s) or guardian(s) along with the intake form. These can also be emailed to you in advance of your visit if you desire, or downloaded directly from the forms page on this site. We will begin by me reading your intake form and we will discuss what is important to you for that session. Generally, this part of the process will be 5-10 minutes of the first session. You may remain dressed, or undress to the degree to which you are comfortable, always keeping an undergarment on. I will ask you to think about what is truly comfortable for you in each session, reassuring you that you are free to adjust your arms, or reposition at any time. It is important for you to be comfortable while we work together, as this will assist in generating the trust that I have your best interests, and your comfort, as foremost in my mind.

Communicating openly is essential in order for me to work toward the optimum massage for you. We begin where you are ‘in the moment’ and allow you to help guide your experience as we progress through the hour. Trust emerges naturally as the body eases into peace, and together we will create the massage that meets your needs. As you progress in therapy, your needs will continue to evolve towards your better health and I am here to go through those changes with you. Each visit will be unique as we grow together as partners in your well being.